Sunday, September 19, 2010

For Want Of

#28 of 52

Dischord Records played an integral part in my teenage years and onward. Of the many fabulous releases they have put out over the years, Rites of Spring is definitely at the top of the list. My interpretation of "For Want Of" is my homage to the group, and to Guy, who has always been beyond a huge influence to me musically.



Here's the breakdown of "52" so far.

Week 01: "Long Way Down"
Week 02: "Who Killed Marilyn"
Week 03: "Kentucky Death"
Week 04: "Hit The Ground Running"
Week 05: "How Many Ways Can You Say New York?"
Week 06: "Blacking Out Is Fun!"
Week 07: "Never Wanna See That Love Again"
Week 08: "Open Enjoyment"
Week 09: "Thunderdome"
Week 10: "Go Alone"
Week 11: "The Day After Your Birthday"
Week 12: "As Worthless As Mosquitoes"
Week 13: "My Love's Not Coming Back"
Week 14: "More More More"
Week 15: "Tigers Can't Be Tamed"
Week 16: "Mandolin Song"
Week 17: "Down On The Coast"
Week 18: "All The Angels"
Week 19: "Rain Your Love On Me"
Week 20: "Don't Live Forever"
Week 21: "Television Therapy"
Week 22: "Streal"
Week 23: "Nothing Ever Grows Here"
Week 24: "The Void Is A Mirror"
Week 25: "360"
Week 26: "Our Hearts"
Week 27: "Perfect Bodies"
Week 28: "For Want Of"

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